Feedback & Distortion

 1.  Sit Back & Relax  (73 mins)  


Composed and performed by Harold Raucous with nothing but guitars and processors. This CD features experimental noise, distortion, and freaky textures. This is NOT ambient per se but it's not your garden variety noise either. It sits somewhere between ambient texture, layered sound, and distortion experiments.

Harold Raucous spent 10 years in the post punk / jam rock band Brass Knuckles. Over the last few years his experimentation with guitar noise led to some solo work on a CD of looped guitar noise and sound structures. Harold's debut CD on Dissonance Records, "Feedback & Distortion" represents a year of experimental sonic exploration, manipulation, layered noise and experimental guitar distortion sculptures.

Copyright 2004 Dissonance Records   (DIS #06)

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