Back Alleys, Open Vistas, and Other Disintegrations

 1.  Back Alleys & Open Vistas  
 2.  Welcome to Palmer, Massachusetts  

 3.  Letta  

 4.  Kountougi  

 5.  Once You Disintegrate, Then You Will
        Truly Understand  

    $ 11.99  

Composed and performed by Ben Fleury-Steiner and with nothing but guitars and processors...From the scum of the seedy back-alley on a damp rainy night comes this stark statement of sadness, loneliness, and depression. Disintegrate into the shadows, and melt into the emptiness, and then you will truly understand.

black & white photography by Ben Fleury-Steiner

Copyright 2004 Dissonance Records   (DIS #07)

    $ 11.99